Annual report TAPAS activities 2023


Annual Report TAPAS asociacin 2023



Zambia : Caleb center for children with Autism – Kabwe

Bolivia: Communidad Educativa – Tiquipaya

Nicaragua: Escuela Cristal – Esteli

Nicaragua: Iniciativo Colibri Esteli


Fedasil Klein Kasteeltje – Brussels (Asylum seekers)

Fedasil – Moeskroen (Asylum seekers)

Fedasil – Machelen (Asylum seekers)

Doucheflux – Anderlecht (Homeless people)

Students in TAPAS projects + supervision during academic year 2023-2024

( Reninka and Luc)

Zambia: 4

Bolivia: 2

Nicaragua: 1 (student Teacher education )

Fedasil Machelen: 2

Fedasil Klein Kasteeltje Brussel: 2

Fedasil Klein Kasteeltje 2nd yr OT students Odisee : Leeracties : 2 (Luc)

Research – Interviews

See Bachelor proof supervision.(Luc)

  • “Narratives als therapeutisch proces” : Loubna El Khabbabi
  • “Ergotherapeutische interventies in verband met voorbereiden op werk bij alleenstaande mannen in het asielcentrum in Poelkapelle” : Patryck Grzybowski
  • “Aanbieden van interventies die gericht zijn op het herstelproces na het meemaken van traumatische ervaringen bij vrouwen in een asielcentrum” : Davinia Debeuf
  • Interview with the journal of OT in Belgium:”Ergo werkt” for an article about “Community development” . (Luc)
  • Opstart Gesprek Bachelor Proof Michelle ivm Jongeren project Fedasil Machelen. (Luc, Reninka)



Bachelor proof supervison and promotorship during academic year 2023-2024: (Luc)

  • BAP at Odisee Hogeschool Brussels Belgium

“Narratives als therapeutisch  proces”: Loubna El Khabbabi (promotor luc)


  • at Howest Kortrijk Belgium

“Aanbieden van interventies die gericht zijn op het herstelproces na het meemaken van traumatische ervaringen bij vrouwen in een asielcentrum”: Davinia Debeuf (promotor Luc)


“Ergotherapeutische interventies in verband met voorbereiden op werk bij alleenstaande mannen in het asielcentrum in Poelkapelle”: Patryk Grzybowski (promotor Luc)


International meetings:

First contact Meeting about possible new project in Patagonia Argentina (Luc, Patricia, Juan Manterola)


National meetings:

  • Meeting (2 times) with volunteers Hanne (Msc.OT) and Karen(Msc PT) about their contribution to The Caleb Center Kabwe Zambia (Karen, Hanne, Reninka, Luc)
  • Preparatory meeting (online)about Prospection visit Reninka and Luc tot he Caleb Center Kabwe Zambia. (Reninka, Lotte, Luc)
  • Motivation interviews with candidate students for doing internship in TAPAS projects (Luc)
  • Online Meeting OT department Thomas Moore Geel (Luc)
  • Preparatory meeting with Hélène (Student teacher education) (Luc, Hélène, Reninka, Veerle)

Guest courses – workshops

luc at

  • VIVES hogeschool Brugge
  • Odisee hogeschool Brussel
  • Artevelde Hogeschool Gent
  • Katholieke universiteit Leuven – Master in occupational Sciences.
  • Hogent Hogeschool Gent
  • Workshop for students who will do internship at different Fedasil centers and center for homeless people. (Reninka, Luc)
  • Workshop for OT students about “OT and refugees” Hogent Gent (Luc)
  • Presentation and information about our TAPAS projects at Odisee Hogeschool Schaarbeek (Brussels) for 2nd year OT students. (Reninka, Luc )
  • Jury exam “Professional reasoning 3” OT students Odisee Brussels (Luc)

 Presentations – Posterpresentations

  • Presentation TAPAS projects Primary school “De Twijg” Wijgmaal Belgium (Sponsoring) (Luc)
  • Presentation of TAPAS projects on the “Ergotherapy goes international”- fair: Odisee, Terranova Brussels (Luc)

 Sponsoring projects:

We were able again to offer some sponsor money thanks also to Primary school “De Twijg” Wijgmaal Belgium to three of our projects; The project in Tiquipaya Bolivia (€1000), Iniciativo Colibri Esteli Nicaragua (€1000) and Caleb center for autistic children Kabwe Zambia (€1500). We delivered  the amount for Caleb Center Kabwe Zambia during our prospection visit in July 2023 (Reninka, Luc)

At the end of this year (2023), we as a TAPAS NGO were involved in a donation of 5000 euros to our project “Caleb Center Kabwe Zambia”. Thanks to the intervention of Lotte Vandamme who was looking for an official NGO that could be the intermediary for a transaction of the money left over by the closure of the Oxfam NGO of Waasmunster. TAPAS paid the transaction costs (88.8 euros). (Lotte, Luc)


  • Guiding visits of International students (Zaragoza) and teachers (Malta) to our projects Arrival center Fedasil Klein Kasteeltje Brussels and fedasil Machelen  (Luc)
  • Prospection visit to Caleb Center Kabwe Zambia (Reninka, Luc)
  • During our stay in Zambia we had the opportunity to visit Nkrumah University dpt special Education, Glory of Hope school Kabwe, diversity of primary schools in Kabwe: Kwasha primary school,Neem Tree school special unit, Lukanga primary school special unit.

In Lusaka we had the opportunity to visit Bauleni special Needs projects, Zamise institute of special education, Apters Zambia Lusaka workshop for adapted furniture , The BEIT Cure Hospital, University Apex Medical Lusaka. (Reninka, Luc)

  • Breaking news: in april 2024 we are going back to Caleb center Kabwe Zambia with a delegation of 3 persons. (Wim, Sarah, Luc)

Annual report 2023

Luc Vercruysse

(18 december 2023)