What is TAPAS?


The Therapy for All Persons in All Situations “TAPAS” (Terapia para todas los personas en todas la situaciones) association is made up by a multidisciplinary team of sanitary and social workers (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers in special education) from different countries: Spain, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Denmark.

Our main objective is the diffusion of collaboration projects in the field of action of occupational therapy and other related disciplines, as well as support local initiatives and initiatives of investigation.

At this moment one of centers of interest is in Nicaragua, where we want to form students and professionals, and give them practice opportunities in therapeutic intervention. The objective is to improve their therapeutic abilities in order to have a higher quality of life of those who, due to a situation of socio-economic exclusion, don’t have access to the medical and social assistance they need. This is about developing a postgraduate in health care to train the Nicaraguan people at a university level.

a) Diffuse international cooperation projects related to Occupational Therapy and other related disciplines, where the target population lives in a situation of exclusion in social, therapeutical, economic or other perspectives.
b) Organize congresses, courses, seminars, symposiums to inform health care professionals about populations in situation of exclusion
c) Support every person who wants to consult the association.
e) Assist with Occupational Therapy and related disciplines the people who ask for assistance because of their exclusion situation.
f) Sign collaboration contracts with different public organizations.