New activities you must know

Dear TAPAS members.
Last months TAPAS association sended 5 Belgian students of HUB to Jaszkotle near Wroclaw in Poland. Also 2 students of UNIZAR Zaragoza went to Jaszkotle to do an unforgettable practice with the children of the institute.
1 HUB student is in Esteli Nicaragua with TAPAS association.
Next week (19 to 23 march) Luc Vercruysse is going to Zargoza to teach in Unzar and also have meetings with Cristina de Diego and Patricia Jovellar about the future of our association.
We will also have two mini conferences to presnt TAPAS and our projects and activities. We will have presentations about TAPAS at the university of San Jose and also for ICOFA and COPTOA.
As you can see TAPAS is still going well.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to join us in one of our projects.