Students at our TAPAS initiatives in Nicaragua:

Some reflections of our students in Nicaragua:
During my internship in Escuela Cristal Esteli I began to have a lot of respect for the teacher here.You only have to do it: having under control a whole class with children with and without limitations andlearn them a lot of things. This week I did excercices on eye-hand coordination with a girl who suffered from the syndrom of down.
Charlotte Verbeelen
At Corazones Unidos  we can choose for ourselves to whom we give therapy and to whom occupational therapy can be a great benefit. This week laurane was giving therapy to two children with learning disabilities. It went all about colors and the alphabet.
Even if it doesn’t feel like that, we start outr second part of our internship here.
Next Wednesday we have an evaluation and we can go on with this feedback. In that way it will be an unforgetable experience for us and for Corazones Unidos.
We could work independently with some of the patients. We could give fine motoric activities to children and youngsters with crebral paresis and were giving math language to children with learning disabilities.
Every weekend we tried to visit and learn to know more about Nicaragua together with Charlotte.
Heleen Grauwels – Laurane Martens