We are official member of OOFRAS

From now on TAPAS association is a full European member of OOFRAS (Occupational opportunities for Refugees and Asyllum Seekers).

OOFRAS is inspiring us so much for our mission in “Het Klein kasteeltje” : asyllum center in Brussels – Belgium where we are doing great things thanks to the contribution of several OT students of HUB Brussels.

We will recommend you very much to visit the website of OOFRAS. Hopefulkly it can inspire you too.



1 thought on “We are official member of OOFRAS

  1. Clarissa Adriel

    Greetings TAPAS friends,

    We’re thrilled to have you join the OOFRAS network and look forward to a fruitful partnership! Thank YOU for leading the way with collaborative and pioneering work within our profession and HUB Brussels – we look forward to learning more about it!

    We share your vision; that occupational therapists are accessible and engaged wherever people and society face occupational problems that threaten health and human rights. And for OOFRAS, specifically with the occupational needs and rights of those displaced by war, persecution, and disaster.

    Let’s arrange a time to talk – we can talk using Blackboard Collaborate room (so we can invite as many from TAPAS/OOFRAS as we like) or we can have an initial chat on Skype (add OOFRAS as a contact).

    Best wishes on behalf of the board, Clarissa 馃檪

    Clarissa Adriel
    President OOFRAS Inc | clarissa@oofras.com

    Occupational Opportunities for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (OOFRAS) Inc exists to see the occupational therapy profession work along side people with refugee experiences so they can participate in daily occupations, life roles, and the community.

    Website | http://www.oofras.com
    Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/OOFRAS
    Twitter | @OOFRAS
    Skype | OOFRAS

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