TAPAS on ENOTHE meeting

On friday 4th of november we (Luc Vercruysse)will have a workshop of our TAPAS association at the ENOTHE meeting in Ghent.
ENOTHE is the European network for OT education.
Last summer (august 2011) we (Mieke lembrechts and Luc Vercruysse)were in Jaszkotle again for making new agreements and do an evaluation of last year.
In April 2011 TAPAS became a real registered association in Zaragoza, Aragon (Spain).
As you could see in last message we were (Luc Vercruysse and Reninka De Koker) in Esteli (Nicaragua) where we are asked to organise post graduate courses at the UPOLI university. We are working on this.
On this moment we are also constructing a new website and we will have other mailadresses.
We (Cristina de Diego, Patricia Jovellar and luc Vercruysse) also plan some other TAPAS mini conferences in Zaragoza for next spring.
As you can see, we are still on the run.
Donations can be done on the  account of
IBAN: ES22 2054 0344 23 9163417275