Visit Jana Pawlla 2 Jaszkotle Polen : meeting with the new team of therapists

Every year we plan a visit for a face to face meeting with the therapists of the Jana Pawla 2 institute in Jaszkotle close to Wroclaw and make new agreements. This academic year 7 occupational therapy  students of Odisee university will do an internship there.

We also take the advantage to bring a lot of sponsorred material with us to offer for the children (multiple impairments and orphans).

Thanks to an action of de Twijg , a primary school of Wijgmaal Belgium we were able again to offer an amaount of 1500 euro to the institute for the benefit of the children.

We also love to visit Wroclaw city again. Every year we discover new places to enjoy and are able to recommend this to our students for during their free time.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset