Article admitted for World Federation of Occupational Therapy manual.

We are happy to announce that our article will be published soon.

  • Occupational Therapy at ‘Klein Kasteeltje’ in Brussels for children of asylum seekers who cannot participate in the Belgian schooling system.
    Reninka De Koker, Sabine Lambers, Luc Vercruysse
    Odisee Hogeschool Brussel
    Reninka De Koker, lecturer occupational therapy Odisee hogeschool Brussel, Board member TAPAS vzw:
    ‘s Herenwegveld 22, 3020 Herent. +32471593862
    Luc Vercruysse, occupational therapist, retired lecturer Odisee hogeschool Brussel, member WFOT-IAG Human Displacement, Board member TAPAS vzw:
    Poelstraat 31, 3012 Wilsele. +32476320202
    Sabine Lambers, lecturer occupational therapy Odisee hogeschool Brussel:
    Heideland 9, 2640 Mortsel, +32494598513

Comment Kit Sinclair:

You are most welcome Luc. It is a good article.
I am impressed with the report of the OT group on working with displaced persons. I am hoping to get the WFOT manual published soon!
all best
Kit Sinclair, BScOT, PhD, FWFOT, FAOTA
Editor, WFOT Bulletin
World Federation of Occupational Therapists

Thanks a lot for your comments and support Kit .